A press report stated that Ukraine intends to double the transit fees for Russian oil through its territory through the Druzhba pipeline to Eastern Europe, starting from the first of April.

According to Bloomberg, the Russian Kommersant newspaper issued on Saturday, stated that the proposal provides for an increase in customs duties to 27.20 Euros per ton ($29.30) through the southern branch of the pipeline that transports oil from Russia to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The Ukrainian TransNeft Company which operates the Ukrainian oil pipeline network, blamed the increase on the cost of repairing the infrastructure that was bombed by the Russian army.

Kommersant newspaper explained that no final decision has been taken regarding the increase, and that discussions are continuing.

Kommersant newspaper quoted the TransNeft PGSC Company operating the Russian oil line as saying that it is aware of Ukraine’s intention to increase fees, but it is not aware of the value of the increase, or of any specific timetable.

This will be the second time this year that Ukraine raises these fees.

On January 1st, TransNeft increased customs duties by 2.10 Euros per ton to 13.60 Euros.

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