Türkiye’s former ambassador to Syria: Erdogan’s meeting with Assad will be a diplomatic success


The last ambassador to Ankara in Damascus, Omar Onhon, considered that if the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was able to talk with the Syrian President, Bashar al Assad, and anything was achieved, will be an achievement and will achieve another great diplomatic success.

Ambassador Onhon pointed out that the Turkish government chose a very serious political shift, from an approach titled “Not with Assad” to an approach called “Not without Assad”.

The Turkish ambassador added, in an article posted at the Saudi, London based Asharq al Awsat newspaper that the losers from the rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus are the United States, the Syria Democratic Forces, and Iran, which won’t give up the situation without getting its share.

Ambassador Onhon expected that the demands between Ankara and Damascus would be the Turkish withdrawal from Syria, Türkiye stops supporting Syrian opposition factions, expel the SDF from the Turkish borders and put forward a road map for the return of Syrian refugees to their country, pointing out that the meeting with Moscow wasn’t the end of a very difficult process, but rather it’s the beginning.

Onhon pointed out that there is a need for serious efforts in order to confront many problems accumulated over the past 11 years.

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