Turkish opposition leader: Assad won the war and Erdogan should negotiate with him

Turkish” Zaman” newspaper quoted a presentation initiated by the Turkish Republican People ‘s Party (CHP) which put forward a “roadmap” for the settlement of the Idlib case, which is one of its most important proposals to reconnect with the Syrian government and Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

The vice president of the Republican People’s Party, Unal Shafiq Oz, said that the Tehran summit held on September 7 with the participation of the Turkish president and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Hassan Rowhani is not enough to end Turkey’s concerns about Idlib.

The “road map” of the party, Turkey’s largest opposition political force, includes the following items:

  1. To call upon all States and relevant institutions, in particular the United Nations, to evacuate the inhabitants of the region and non-terrorist groups from Idlib within the borders of Syria and to work in an appropriate manner to achieve this.


  1. Turkey should ask all armed groups in Idlib to leave their weapons and make intensive efforts to achieve this.


  1. Idlib is a national security issue for Turkey, and it is time to emphasize this during meetings with the Russian and Iranian sides and to communicate with President Assad and work to revive the spirit of the Adana agreement in 1998 between the two neighboring countries.


  1. Meetings with the European Union on Syria should not be confined to the problems of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and the expansion of the framework of the meetings, with information about the recent Tehran meeting and the discussions between Astana and Sochi with the United States.


  1. To highlight the humanitarian dimension of the matter during meetings with the European Union in order to prevent the emergence of a new refugee problem, and Turkey should intensify its cooperation with the European Union in the work of establishing security and stability in Syria to inform the European Union insistently that the case of Idlib poses a threat to national security.


  1. Turkey should strictly control groups that may incite the Syrian army to launch attacks in order to ensure that Turkish forces based in Idlib, as part of ceasefire monitoring, are not subjected to any attacks and take the necessary measures to ensure the security and safety of their soldiers.

The Iranian capital Tehran hosted last Friday the work of the Turkish-Russian-Iranian summit to discuss the issue of the Syrian crisis, focusing on the situation in the province of Idlib.

The tripartite discussions at the meeting highlighted the differences between the parties, especially the Russian and the Turkish.

Putin stressed the right of the Syrian authorities to extend their control over all the territory of the country.

Erdogan spoke of the need to declare a truce in Idlib and implement the conservative administration through the moderate opposition.

Idlib, which borders south-western Turkey, is the last stronghold of militants in Syria, where more than 70 percent of its territory is dominated by armed factions led by the Sham Liberation Organization (formerly Al Nusra Front).

The province has been the destination of tens of thousands of militants and civilians Who were evacuated from several areas were under the control of the opposition factions, most notably the city of Aleppo and the eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

The Syrian authorities have repeatedly pointed out in the recent period, including by the President of the country, that the liberation of Idlib province will be a priority for the Syrian army in its future operations, amid international warnings, including by the United Nations, the United States and Turkey, the disastrous consequences of any A large-scale operation in the region for the estimated 4 million local civilians.

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