The Turkish army and factions of the “Syrian National Army” are mobilizing opposite two border areas in the countryside of al Hasakah, according to what was reported by “ANHA” agency affiliated with the “Autonomous Administration” in northeastern Syria.

The agency said on its website, on Saturday, that the “SDF” had spotted crowds of the Turkish army and the “Syrian National Army” in front of the city of Tal Tamr and the “Abu Rasin” (Zarkan) area in Hasakah countryside.

The agency considered that the Turkish moves raise “fears of preparations for a new attack on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, especially since the recent moves coincide with violent attacks on Ain Issa district”.

According to the agency, the Turkish army crowds are concentrated in the villages of Tal Manakh, Tal Tamer and Umm al Ashba in the countryside of “Abu Rasin”.

The “Syrian National Army” militia has not commented on the military build-up that the “SDF” talks about so far.

Meanwhile, a military source in the “Peace Spring” area confirmed the crowds, and said that they come within the framework of the “general mobilization” that the “Syrian National Army” factions began, about a week ago.

The above comes in conjunction with military tension in the city of Ain Issa in the countryside of Raqqa.

Two days ago, the “Syrian National Army” militia factions carried out a limited attack in the area located at the northern entrance to Ain Issa.

Until now, the future that Ain Issa will be like in the coming days is absent, which lives in a “atmosphere of war” imposed by the clashes and constant bombing by the Turkish army and the “Syrian National Army” militia.

Hours ago, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) criticized Russia, accusing it of “trading” with the Turkish side in the file of Ain Issa, located in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

The co-chair of the Office of Diplomatic Relations told “PYD”, Almaz Rumi, “Russia is trading according to its interests, so it remains silent about the Turkish attacks on the region”.

“Russia allows Turkey to occupy the region,” Rumi added in statements carried by “ANHA” agency.

To this day, Turkey insists on controlling all of its southern borders with Syria, and says that this is in order to protect its national security.

Ankara considers the “Syria Democratic Forces” as a military formation linked to the “Kurdistan Workers Party”, which it classifies as a terrorist.

The Syrian government and Russia on the one hand, and the SDF on the other hand, had reached, last week, an agreement on the city of Ain Issa, which stipulated the establishment of 3 joint observation points in the vicinity and inside the town of Ain Issa, to monitor the ceasefire and violations, but the agreement is still murky.

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