The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned on Monday, the agreement of renovating oil fields between a US company with “Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF) in which the Kurdish militants represent the most prominent component.

The US “Delta Crescent Energy” and the Kurdish self-administration signed the agreement directly without going through the Syrian government, to extract oil, treat and trade in northeastern Syria.

According to the Turkish Anadolu news Agency, the Turkish Foreign Ministry, in a statement, described the agreement as ignoring international law.

The statement stressed that the Kurdish militants clearly demonstrated the ambition to secede from Syria, by seizing the natural resources of the Syrian people.

The statement stressed the need for the return of the Syrian natural resources to the Syrian people, expressing Ankara’s regret for Washington’s support for this step, which ignores international law, threatens the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria and provides cover for terrorist financing.

The conclusion of the agreement required the approval of the US State Department and the US Treasury Department, given that the oil sector and many Syrian institutions are subject to sanctions under the “Caesar Act”. 

The agreement includes the establishment of two oil refineries for domestic use.

On Sunday, Damascus condemned the agreement between the Syria Democratic Forces and the US company, considering that it is considered a described theft of integrated elements and can only be described as a deal between thieves stealing and thieves buying.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said, “The agreement constitutes an attack on Syrian sovereignty and a continuation of the American hostile approach towards Syria in stealing the wealth of the Syrian people and impeding the efforts of the Syrian state to rebuild what was destroyed by most of the terrorism supported by the American administration itself”.

The source stated that Syria is considered null and void and has no legal effect, and warns again that “such despicable acts reflect the pattern and approach of these client militias, which have decided themselves to be a cheap puppet in the hands of the American occupation”.

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