US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday his country plans to halt military operations in areas where it doesn’t receive enough financial and military aid from rich nations.

“Endless wars, especially those triggered by wrong decisions taken many years ago, in which we don’t get enough money or military aid from the rich countries that benefit so much from what we do, will reach a glorious end” Trump tweeted.

Trump said on Monday that the withdrawal of his troops from Syria would be “cautious and at an appropriate pace”.

This came in a tweet via his Twitter account, in which he criticized the New York Times for reporting news that he described as “inaccurate” about Syria.

“The failed New York Times has deliberately written inaccurate news about my intentions about Syria”, Trump said.

“There is no difference from my basic statements.

We will depart at an appropriate pace and cautiously, but at the same time we will continue to fight a preacher and we will do whatever is necessary”, he said.

On December 19, 2018, the US president announced that his country had defeated ISIS terrorist organization in Syria, thanks to the presence of US forces there.

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