Trump threatens Canada with its car exports to America

The US President Donald Trump has threatened Canada to impose tariffs on its car exports to the United States if it does not reach an agreement on opening its trade markets to US agricultural products.

“Canada has to wait for tariffs on its car exports to the United States”, Trump was quoted as saying in a tweeter on his Twitter page today, noting that their trade hurdles were too great.

Trump had earlier called on Ottawa to lift trade restrictions and open its markets to US products.

“The agreement with Mexico is making good progress and the interests of the auto industry and farmers must be taken into account, otherwise there will be no agreement”, Trump said in a note of good progress in trade relations between the United States and Mexico.

The US president earlier started a trade war by imposing tariffs on his country’s imports of steel and aluminum from the European Union, Canada and Mexico. He also levied duties on some Chinese products, leading to concerns about the impact of those measures on the global economy.

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