Trump administration is transporting hundreds of immigrant children in the middle of the night to camps on the border with Mexico

In recent weeks, the Trump administration has quietly moved hundreds of immigrant children from all over the United States to camps in southern Texas along the border with Mexico.

Most of the unregistered children were held in private nurseries or shelters and were able to receive formal education and legal advice on a regular basis, but children who were transferred to tents in the city of Tornillo had no access to legal access and education was unavailable Them there.

The shelter workers said children do not receive advance warnings that the move, and often wake up in the middle of the night, are loaded on buses to Texas because they are less likely to escape in this way.

There are approximately 13,000 currently detained migrant children, more than 100 of whom have been separated from their families as part of Trump’s policy of prosecuting those who cross the border without documentation.

According to media resources, a number of unaccompanied migrant children has risen to some extent because of new restrictions on how children are placed with their families.

The Homeland Security department and the department of Health and Human Services are currently conducting background checks on potential child sponsors, and since many children’s parents or family members are not legally resident, they are less willing to proceed.

According to various reports, immigration authorities have arrested many Illegal immigrants who have served as potential sponsors since the introduction of new policies. As a result, children are detained for longer periods, and according to the Ministry of Security data, the average duration, since last year, has increased from 34 days to 59 days.

The tent camp was opened in Tornello in June and had the capacity to accommodate only 400 people, but the agency responsible for resettling refugees said the facility would increase its capacity to absorb immigrants.

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