The White House presents a plan linking post-war reconstruction of Gaza and normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia


US President Joe Biden’s senior advisor for Middle East affairs, Bert McGurk, presented a controversial plan linking the post-war reconstruction of the Gaza Strip to normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

According to McGurk, the plan will serve as an incentive for the reconstruction of Gaza, in which Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries will participate.

McGurk reviewed the plan in recent weeks with security officials, including a timetable of about 90 days for what he claims will happen in the Gaza Strip after the war ends.

The US official claimed that it’s possible to achieve stability in the war-devastated areas if the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia launch a diplomatic effort to sign the normalization agreement.

He also stated that the plan would be used as an incentive for the reconstruction of the Strip by rich countries while at the same time exerting pressure on the Palestinians and Israel.

US administration officials expressed concerns that this plan would cause instability in the region.

According to US official familiar with the details said, “The plan misses the main point, noting that the plan, which was reviewed as a high classified document presented to senior security officials in Washington, also acknowledged that President Biden will arrive in the region during the coming months as part of what he called the “Victory Tour”.

He stated that Biden would take credit for achieving the normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia in response to the pain of Gaza, according to the report.

Another US official addressed the plan and said, “I’m not sure that this is realistic now, however there is a strong Saudi desire to participate in an agreement”.

The proposed plan indicates that Palestinian leaders will agree to form a new government in both Gaza and the West Bank, and will agree to reduce criticism directed at Israel, while Israel will have limited influence in the Gaza Strip.

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