The Washington Post reveals the number of deaths among American mercenaries in Ukraine


The Washington Post confirmed that about 16 American mercenaries who participated in battles in Ukraine were killed.

According to the Washington Post, with the recent American wars gradually becoming history, some veterans decided to take up arms in Ukraine, there are at least 16 of them, who gave their lives.

The Washington Post cites the stories of several American mercenaries who died in Ukraine,such as Andrew Peters, Cooper Andrews, Nick Mimer, Grady Corbasi and Peter Reid.

According to the Washington Post, the Americans who joined the Ukrainian forces arrived in Ukraine individually, ignoring the repeated official warnings of US president Joe Biden and other members of his administration that grave danger awaits anyone who reaches the battlefield.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, stated that more than 2,500 foreign mercenaries are participating in hostilities on the side of Kiev.

The Kremlin has repeatedly confirmed, the participants in the special military operation often hear foreign languages ​​from mercenaries fighting alongside Ukrainian forces.

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