Palestinians were killed, on Friday night, in bombing carried out by Israeli aircraft on various areas in the Gaza Strip.

Local sources told the Palestinian News Agency, “The bombing targeted several areas in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of at least 7 and the injury of a number of others, while at least 14 citizens were martyred in a bombing that targeted the town of Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip”.

The sources explained that “two martyrs were killed in a bombing that targeted a three-story house in the al Salam neighborhood in Rafah, in addition to 7 people missing in this bombing”.

Five Palestinian, including 3 children, were killed, and others were injured, in a bombing that targeted a two-story house in the Zoroub roundabout area, west of Rafah.

In the town of Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, 14 Palestinians were killed as a result of the aircraft bombing a house in the town.

Schools housing thousands of displaced people in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip are being subjected to Israeli bombing, and on Friday, UNRWA announced the killing of two of its employees in Gaza, bringing the number of its deaths in the Strip since the start of the war to 16.

In turn, the Israeli National Security Council on Saturday called on Israeli citizens to leave Egypt and Jordan immediately, in light of the escalation of regional tensions due to the war in Gaza.

The Israeli National Security Council said in a statement, “The Israeli National Security Council raises its warnings regarding travel to Egypt (including Sinai) and Jordan, to the fourth level (highest level): recommending against travel to these countries and for those residing in them to leave…as soon as possible”.

The recommendations were raised to the third level for Morocco, and Israelis were advised not to go to this country.

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