According to military experts, that challenges facing the US administration if its presence in the Middle East continues.

This came against the backdrop of Washington sending aircraft carriers to support Israel.

According to the latest figures from the US Treasury Department, the budget deficit rose to $2.02 trillion for the fiscal year through September, prompting President Joe Biden to request additional funding for foreign military aid, including support for the Ukrainian war effort and support for Israel’s operations against Hamas.

Although this measure aims to bypass Republican opposition in Congress, which may lead to the collapse of the US federal budget in the near future.

Besides that, the outbreak of war in the Middle East may draw attention away from the Ukrainian crisis, which means that financial support for Ukraine may be turned upside down, especially with news said that Russia is preparing for a massive winter attacks on several fronts, with more than 400,000 freshly mobilized and trained soldiers, in time where the Ukrainian army suffer from lack of manpower, with huge military lost during their counteroffensive which didn’t bring what the allies hoped for.

On the US financial aspect, given the continuing increase in the budget deficit, annual interest payments on the debt could exceed the Pentagon’s budget before 2030, raising concerns about the stability of the US economy and the strength of its currency.

Analysts expect this reality to have a significant impact on defense and other areas such as technology, employee salaries, and weapons purchases.

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