The United States is conducting a rigorous security check on the World cup soccer ball that Putin has presented it to Trump

The US Secret Service has conducted a thorough security check on the World cup soccer ball that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presented it to President Donald Trump.

“The ball has been carefully examined”, US National Intelligence Director Dan Coates was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency on Saturday.

“This is a routine procedure that includes all the gifts the president receives”, he said at a security conference.

During the press conference at the end of their summit in Helsinki on 16 July, the Russian president gave his American counterpart soccer from the balls that were played in the World Cup Moscow, and said, “The ball is in the court of the President of the United States”.

Trump said he would give the ball to his younger son Barron, and Putin exchanged a shirt-shaped gift for the famous Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, who plays for the Washington Capitals, NHL team.

Some voices in Washington called for Putin’s ball to be denied access to the White House for fear of being bugged.

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