Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that no one can talk about a breakthrough in the coming months, noting that he demanded that Washington give him long-range missiles.

Zelensky spoke in a press interview in which he spoke about his lack of confidence in the success of the counterattack carried out by the Ukrainian armed forces against Russia.

Regarding the possibility of reaching an agreement to end the Ukrainian crisis, as former US President Donald Trump says, Zelensky said, “If he has plans to end the conflict, let him present them publicly,” adding: “But we won’t accept any peace plan that includes giving up territory”.

Zelensky pointed out that Washington would likely refuse to grant Kiev long-range missiles, noting that this would be a big loss for Ukraine, which constitutes a source of concern for it.

Washington would soon agree to provide Kiev with Atacms missiles, which have a range of up to 300 kilometers, but the Pentagon later said that this issue had not been resolved.

According to Colonel Douglas MacGregor, former Pentagon advisor, said on Wednesday, that Zelensky isn’t satisfied with talk about a possible truce under US pressure.

He added, “We cannot continue… The Ukrainian armed forces are almost completely exhausting their human resources, and they will have nothing left soon”.

MacGregor noted that the reports circulating in Western media about the alleged successes of the Ukrainians on the front line are nothing but a lie.

The Ukrainian armed forces began a counterattack against the Russian forces since last June, but they didn’t achieve any progress despite using all the weapons they obtained from the West.

The Ukrainian forces also suffered heavy losses, including about 70,000 soldiers, in addition to 18,000 pieces of various military equipment.

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