The Times revealed that the fatigue of the Ukrainian forces and the lack of military resources may force the United States to abandon more support for Ukraine.

The outcome of this conflict, like any other, will be determined by the synthesis of military force and political will, but, unlike most armed clashes, in this crisis political will shouldn’t be shown by the participant in hostilities in Ukraine, but by the countries that supply it with military equipment, and here there are two types of asymmetry that still work in favor of Russia, this is the asymmetry of design and goals.

A very vague signals are being heard behind the scenes in the United States, and as confirmation of his words, he cites the inconstancy of US public and political opinion on the issue of supporting Ukraine.

The weakness in support reflects ongoing concerns about the risks of escalation.

There is also growing concern about the impact of the conflict on the strategic priorities and resources of the United States.

The United States and due to exhaustion and a lack of military resource, will in some point give up on Ukraine.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced that it would review weapons stockpiles due to support for Ukraine.

Against the background of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the United States and NATO are supporting Kiev by sending weapons to it, and the programs cost tens of billions of US dollars.

For its part, Moscow has repeatedly said that supplying weapons to the West only leads to prolonging the conflict, and that military equipment will become a legitimate target for the Russian army.

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