Kamal Khalaf / Arab news agencies


The final touches on the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which will draft the new Syrian constitution, began a year after efforts to establish it in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254, comprising representatives of the Syrian government, representatives of the opposition and representatives of civil society with equal representation of 50 members per party.

The fight and disagreement centered on the names of representatives of civil society in the Commission, but the recent meeting in the Kazakh capital, “Nur Sultan” resolved the dispute and opened the way to announce the Constitutional Committee.

It is expected to be announced next month, pending the date of the start of its work, and no one alone has the possibility to disable any article of the new constitution, as the rejection of the article requires 113 of the total number of members of the Committee 150, that is, two full parties and 13 votes from Third party, a formula that seeks near-total consensus on the constitution and with the participation of all.

In the field in the north of Syria, the Syrian army is reported to have continued its advance.

After the capture of Sukak, the troops headed east to Al Tamanea, 3 km from Khan Sheikhoun, the largest city of the southern countryside of Idlib, to be applied if Khan Sheikhoun entered the towns of the northern Hama countryside.

And from the west on the opposite side, the army entered the town of Kafr ‘Ain after the Syrian army took control of the town of Habit to reduce the distance towards Khan Sheikhoun from the west to 7 kilometers.

Yesterday, military factions in Idlib talked about the entry of Hezbollah fighters and Iranian fighters into the battle for the first time since the fighting began.

Hezbollah hasn’t announced participation so far, and it isn’t possible to know the validity of these declarations issued by armed groups.

The Syrian army opened another axis on the side of Lattakia countryside, which connects to Idlib countryside from the west and took control of Kabani after fierce battles, heading to Jisr Al Shughour, for the first time to approach the city of Idlib, the last stronghold of Jabhat Al Nusra and its followers groups.

Idlib factions appear to be in a state of confusion, with the speed of the Syrian army advancing on several axes, mutual accusations prevailed among the factions of betrayal, and abandoned the battle, as was a state of discontent over the transfer of faction leaders of their families to Turkey, this was seen by some as an acknowledgment of defeat before it happened.

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