On Tuesday evening, violent clashes broke out between units of the Syrian army and groups affiliated with ISIS in the easternmost desert of Hama.

A correspondent in Hama stated that cells belonging to the “ISIS” organization carried out an attack against Syrian army positions on the axes of the towns of “Twainan, al Fasadah, and al Tanaj” in the al San district in the far eastern countryside of Hama.

A field source confirmed to the Russian Sputnik news agency, that a number of armed men tried to carry out an attack against the army positions on the “Twainan, al Fasadah-approach” axis, where the army units managed to detect the armed group that tried to infiltrate towards the army points, and the field scene turned into violent clashes this resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of militants, and the withdrawal of those remaining from them towards the depth of the Hama desert, which is geographically connected to the two cities of Raqqa and Homs.

The source indicated that the Syrian warplanes carried out several raids towards the armed supply lines and their retreating vehicles towards the al Tanf area in the eastern Homs desert.

The field source indicated that the armed groups have lately been seeking to carry out immersion attacks or infiltration operations with the aim of causing a breach on the eastern Hama desert front, pointing out that the Syrian army thwarted several attacks by militants in the same area during the past period, the last of which was last week when the groups attacked In addition to stealing livestock, the armed forces have strengthened their presence in the area after a series of repeated attacks by cells affiliated with ISIS in the area, killing 9 civilians and burning a number of homes.

The most of the attacks carried out by “ISIS” come at night and depend on supply lines that link the Hama desert through the Homs desert to al Tanf area, which is controlled by the US army.

It is noteworthy that the western and southwestern regions of Deir al Zour governorate and the southeastern side of the Raqqa governorate in eastern Syria and the desert of Homs are open to the desert and desert of the al Tanf region on the (Syrian-Jordanian) borders in which an illegal base for the US army is located, where the remnants of the ISIS organization are largely active.

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