A latest incident related to espionage case shook Britain.

Two people were arrested on charges of spying for China, the first in the Oxford area and the second in Edinburgh, new information emerged about the second person.

He appears to be the son of a well-known doctor and was raised in an affluent suburb of Edinburgh.

The suspected person is identified as Chris Cash, 28 years old.

He appears to have had a close relationship with the British Security Minister, Tom Tugendhat, providing him with information about China, as well as the chair of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Alicia Cairns.

In addition, this person was communicating with members of Parliament who were dealing with classified information.

He studied at the private University of George Watson College and majored in history at the University of St Andrews.

Later, he became active on social media in Westminster and used dating apps.

Last year, he tried to set up a meeting with political journalists.

When he was arrested in March this year, a number of ministers were notified, although MPs weren’t yet aware of the matter.

Details about any security violations due to his relationship with ministers and officials are still being researched and investigated.

On the other hand, the Chinese government expressed its protest and dissatisfaction with these accusations, and considered them malicious slander and political theater.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London denied any accusations of providing intelligence information to his country, describing them as completely fabricated accusations and malicious slander.

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