The Russian defense thwarts a new Ukrainian attack on Belgorod region and Kiev provokes Moscow and promises to restore Crimea


Russia’s defense ministry said that air defense systems destroyed a drone launched by Ukraine over the territory of the Belgorod region early on Sunday.

In addition, the Ukrainian border guards placed a new banner on Snake Island on Saturday, to bring to mind what happened in the first hours of the Russian invasion when one of the guards of the strategic island located in the Black Sea used a select phrase to refuse to surrender to a warship.

In a video on Facebook transmitted by the commander of the border guards, Serhiy Daineko, a man in military uniform appears in front of a blue and yellow pole that symbolizes the Ukrainian flag and says, “The next border sign will be installed in Crimea after the Ukrainian defense forces liberate it”.

The small snake island became a symbol of Ukrainian resistance in the early hours of the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, when Russian officers aboard the Black Sea Fleet’s warship Moskva sent a message by radio to the Ukrainian guards stationed there, ordering them to surrender or die.

The strategic island overlooks the sea-lanes leading to Odessa, Ukraine’s main port on the Black Sea.

On April 14, two Ukrainian missiles hit the Moskva, the largest warship sunk in a military operation in 40 years.

On June 30, Russia ceded the island after suffering heavy losses trying to defend it.

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