The former Pentagon adviser, retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor, announced that more than 120,000 new graves had been prepared in Ukraine, after the counter-attack of the Ukrainian armed forces.

“Ukraine has been destroyed, and its population has been reduced to 19-20 million,” MacGregor said on his YouTube blog.

He added that the losses of the Ukrainian armed forces estimated at 350-400 thousand people.

He pointed out that there are new images from space showing recently dug graves for Ukrainian soldiers who were killed during the failed counter offense.

MacGregor confirmed that the calculations show that the approximate number of victims during this period is about 123,000 people, adding that this is a disaster that must be put to an end.

According to recent data, Ukraine is facing a big problem due to the well-fortified Russian defenses, which are difficult to penetrate, in addition to the suffering of the Ukrainian army due to heavy losses, which forced it to retreat.

The Ukrainian counterattack began in several fronts of south of Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Bakhmut, on June 4, while the main attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces focused on the Zaporizhia sector, where Kiev deployed combat brigades trained by NATO and equipped with Western equipment, including German Leopard tanks.

The New York Times reported, quoting US and European officials that up to 20% of the weapons Ukraine sent to the battlefield during the counterattack were damaged or destroyed.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Ukrainian armed forces had already lost 43,000 soldiers since they began the Ukrainian attack last June.

The Russian defense indicated that this number doesn’t include the wounded who were evacuated to Ukrainian and foreign hospitals, foreign mercenaries, and military personnel who were eliminated as a result of strikes by long-range and high-precision weapons in the rear areas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, earlier that “the enemy didn’t succeed on all fronts of the fighting, so that all attempts to counterattack stopped, and the enemy was repulsed and suffered heavy losses, and Kiev counterattack failed, and didn’t produce any results”.

Last July, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged that the pace of the Ukrainian forces’ counterattack wasn’t as expected, and continued, “We all want this to happen faster… Every day means losses among Ukrainians”.

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