Banking sources said that Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek scheduled to hold a meeting next week with senior bank managers.

The bankers said that the meeting expected to take place on Thursday of next week between Şimşek and banks that are members of the Union of Turkish Banks.

“This is a meeting that, of course, should take place,” a senior Turkish banker said.

He added that similar meetings were held after the appointment of treasury ministers and related ministers before.

The Treasury and the Federation of Turkish Banks declined to comment.

Sources said a general assessment of the banking sector and current economic challenges are expected to be discussed with the incoming minister.

Şimşek, a former strategist at Merrill Lynch, became a cabinet minister after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won the presidency in a May 28 runoff.

Investors were enthusiastic about Şimşek’s appointment because they expected a shift towards more traditional economic policies in Türkiye, indicating a shift in Erdoğan’s policies.

Representatives of the banking sector have been voicing complaints about the unconventional economic pattern pursued by the Erdoğan government over the past two years.

Şimşek, after being appointed to the post, said that economic policy should return to the land of rationality and that there were no quick fixes for policies.

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