The National Interest newspaper said that Hamas has spent two decades building a maze of deep defensive tunnels to confront any Israeli attack, and that sending forces to Gaza may make the Israelis pay a heavy price.

According to the National Interest, the extensive network of tunnels extends to a depth of 30 meters underground, and is an integral part of the defense system in Gaza, which Hamas spent years building.

It’s believed that its equipped with everything necessary for a long stay underground, there are communications and command centers, and some of the tunnels have been extended with railway tracks.

The National Interest reported that camouflaged tunnel entrances have spread everywhere in Gaza, and it’s expected that the city’s streets and narrow alleys will be filled with booby-traps and explosive devices.

Storming the tunnels will be a difficult task for the Israeli Special Forces, as Hamas was able to plant mines in the tunnels in preparation for the confrontation.

The National Interest recalled how, after the recent escalation between Israel and Hamas in 2021, the Israeli army destroyed approximately 100 kilometers of underground tunnels.

In response, Hamas said that only 5% of the tunnels were damaged, while the total length of the tunnels under Gaza is about 500 kilometers.

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