The maritime line between Latakia and Mersin comes back to life again

After more than five years, for the first time from 2012, a Syrian cargo ship “Souria” sails on the Bosporus in Istanbul, heading to Caucasus Novorossiysk port south of Russia from Kocaeli port in Turkey.

Despite the importance of this positive development, it wasn’t the most prominent of its kind.

It is expected that the coming short period will see the return of life to the line of maritime commercial transport between the Syrian ports and the Turkish counterpart.

Navnos Marine Shipping Company (Latakia based in 2006) completed its preparations for the launch of a “new marine container line”.

The new line was named “Lamira Line” and is scheduled to be active between Latakia and Mersin (both ways), in addition to activity between Latakia and Tripoli, Alexandria and Benghazi.

This development is one of the pillars of the “Bridge of Economic Benefits” which aims to reorganize relations between Damascus and a number of neighboring capitals through the economic portal.

While attention is drawn to the border crossings between Syria and neighboring countries, pending an imminent “breakthrough” for this issue, the “maritime” development comes to take the lead from its wild side.

The return of life to the sea line between Syria and Turkey is easier because of the lack of logistical and security barriers that need to be overcome in the case of land crossings.

Private business activity in import and export operations is expected to be a major lever of mutual “economic benefits”.

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