The Kremlin decides to tighten security measures in the wake of the two drones attack


The Russian presidential spokesperson announced that security measures will be tightened in Moscow in the wake of the drones attack, adding that President Vladimir Putin is doing his work Thursday in the Kremlin.

Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Putin is working in the Kremlin and will hold an important meeting with the Minister of Economic Development, stressing that security measures will be “strengthened” after the supposed attack.

Peskov also said that the grand military parade that will be held on May 9 to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945 will be held in Moscow despite the alleged attack on the Kremlin, which Ukraine was accused of being behind.

Dmitry Peskov said, “The parade will take place… There are no changes in the program”.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities in the Russian capital, Moscow, banned the flight of drones in its skies, on Wednesday, after Russia announced that it had thwarted an attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin using drones.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said, “the launch of drones in the city’s sky will be prohibited as of today (Wednesday), except for those used by a decision of the state authorities”.

Sobyanin added that any unauthorized launch of drones into the skies over Moscow is a crime and entails administrative and criminal liability.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Kremlin announced that “two Ukrainian drones attacked last night the residence of President Putin in the Kremlin,” in what it described as a “terrorist” assassination attempt.

The statement stressed, “The Russian army and intelligence services thwarted the attack by disabling both drones, and therefore there were no injuries, and the Russian president was not harmed and continues to work as usual”.

In turn, Ukraine denied the Russian accusations, stressing that it does not use its military capabilities to attack other countries.

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