The Israeli Prime Minister talks about the difficulties which Israel is facing with Russia on Syria


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that Israel provides Ukraine with humanitarian aid only, not military, as a result of agreements with Russia in Syria.

“I must say quite frankly that we are facing a difficult situation in Israel, as Israeli and Russian pilots are flying close to each other in the skies over Syria,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu explained that Israel decided a few years ago to resist Iran’s attempts to open a third front against it from Syria by launching air strikes against Iranian militia positions, estimating their number between 80,000 and 100,000 fighters deployed on the border with Syria.

“To do this, we made an agreement with the Russian government, the Russian air force and the Russian army in Syria, that we won’t shoot down each other’s planes,” he added.

This came after news of Israel’s approval of selling anti-drone jamming systems to Ukraine, after it was keen not to provide any military assistance for fear of tension with Russia, which might harm Israeli security interests in Syria.

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