An international investigation regarding targeting a civilian car following the violent clashes in the town of Al Baghouz, in the eastern town of Deir Al Zour, was announced on Tuesday.

The London-based non-governmental organization Airwars reported on Friday the flight of dozens of families from the state-controlled “Al Baghuoz” to “chatter” after escalating bombardments and clashes.

The organization, quoting local sources, said the international coalition bombed a civilian car carrying a family fleeing the clashes in the “Al baghouz”, last Tuesday.

The car was hit by an aerial bombardment by the coalition at the Sheikh Hamad site, killing a woman named Dima Al Aqidi and wounding two children, Shahd and Mustapha.

She added that a second car was also bombed in the region, indicating the possibility of a rise in the number of dead.

In a related statement, the coalition said in a statement Friday that it was investigating an incident involving civilian casualties that occurred last Tuesday, noting that the results of the investigation would be announced when it was completed.

It remained under the control of the state organization, calling in all parts of Syria, the Al Baghuoz, and areas of the uninhabited desert, in the rural areas of Deir Al Zour and Homs in central Syria.

On 11 September 2018, the PYD/PKK and the International Coalition Forces launched a military operation against the last stronghold of Da’z in Deir Al Zour.

The shelling of residential neighborhoods in areas controlled by the Da’ash organization has killed hundreds of civilians, according to local sources.

The London based, Syrian Observatory for Human rights, reported that the International Coalition brought trucks loaded with weapons to Syria.

The Syrian Observatory quoted militants as saying that the US-led “International Coalition” had brought trucks loaded with weapons, ammunition and equipment into Syria in conjunction with the entry of hundreds of US military personnel.

At least 250 trucks belonging to the International Alliance, loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistical equipment, entered Syrian territory on Thursday and were distributed to coalition bases in Ain Al Arab (Kubani), Ain Al Arab airport, Ain Issa, and others in the governorates of Aleppo, Raqqa and Hasakah Syrian.

The Observatory pointed out that according to sources described as “credible”, hundreds of US troops entered Syrian territory during the past 24 hours.

Media reports quoting Pentagon officials earlier reported that the United States planned to deploy additional troops in Syria to secure the withdrawal of troops deployed on Syrian territory.

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