The Independent: Britain launch the largest campaign of sanctions against countries that help Russia


The British Independent published a report talking about the consequences of the meeting held by the First Lady of Ukraine, the wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Olina Zelenska, with the British independent television network (ETV).

The report says that the British government decided to launch the largest campaign of sanctions against third-party countries that supply Russia with weapons and aid in its ongoing war against Ukraine.

The report refers to the statements of the British Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, in which he said that the government imposed a package of 25 different types of sanctions, which will prevent all parties that help Russia from escaping from sanctions.

The report says that these measures come after an emotional and emotional speech, from the First Lady of Ukraine, during which she warned that without urgent steps to bridge the imbalance that allows Russia to continue its war, the danger will continue and expand without stopping.

The report goes on to say that Russia is using these marches and weapons to attack Ukrainian infrastructure, deny electricity, energy, and heating sources to Ukrainian citizens, cause crop failure, prevent the supply of grain, and risk a global food crisis.

The report says that the United States, Britain, and the European Union imposed sanctions on Russia at the beginning of the war, in an attempt to rein in Moscow and force it to stop the battles.

He concludes by saying that as a result of these sanctions, British imports from Russia decreased by 99%, and its exports to Russia decreased by 80%.

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