The German Minister of Defense intends to resign


News reports said, on Friday, that German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht decided to resign from her post, in light of a video spread of her on New Year’s Eve.

Reports quoted the German Bild newspaper, that the decision to step down stems from Lambrecht herself, and not from the German chancellery, and the discussion revolves around who will succeed her in her position.

Bild newspaper pointed out that the resignation received from Christine Lambrecht was preceded by an unprecedented series of collapses, the latest of which was an embarrassing speech she delivered amid New Year’s Eve celebrations, and was taken in the streets of Berlin.

In the video, Lambrecht said “Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine led to a lot of special experiences and created an opportunity to have many meetings with wonderful, interesting people”.

Lambrecht words exposed her to criticism, because she made the Ukrainian crisis seem like an interesting professional experience.

Lambrecht had previously been ridiculed for announcing that her country would send 5,000 helmets to Kyiv, instead of heavy weapons.

The talk about Lambrecht’s resignation was denied by the German Ministry of Defense, which described these reports as mere rumors, despite the recent increase in voices calling for the minister’s resignation.

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