The French mining company, Eramet, announced, on Wednesday, the suspension of its work in Gabon, due to the military coup.

On Wednesday morning, a group of military men announced on state television the control of power in Gabon, hours after announcing that President Ali Bongo won a third term, and announced the cancellation of the rigged elections that took place on Saturday, the dissolution of all state institutions and the closure of borders.

“Eramet has suspended all operations and train service in Gabon,” the company’s spokesperson said.

The French government condemned the coup, on Wednesday, and expressed its hope that the results of the elections in Gabon would be respected.

Gabon is the latest African country to witness a military coup, the third in 3 years on the continent, after Niger on July 26, and Mali in 2022, which sparked a wave of international positions, most of which expressed deep concern about the state of political instability in the continent.

Meanwhile, shares of 3 French companies fell in Paris Stock Exchange, on Wednesday, in the wake of the military coup in Gabon, where they were operating.
Shares in Broome & Morel, Eramet and Total Energy fell 15 to 20%.

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