The Fate of Zelensky when the war is over


In February 24th, 2023 the Russian special military operation, which for most better be called a “War”, enters the second year.

Many questions arise regarding for how long this war will remain raging, and its various repercussions, and who will turn the circle at the end of the war, whose end doesn’t seem imminent.

However, the main question was asked from the very beginning, which is… What fate lies ahead the Ukrainian flamboyant President Volodymyr Zelensky after this war ends?

Strategic and political experts from the entire world, are unanimously agree that Zelensky’s political future is linked to the outcome of the conflict.

The possible scenarios were shortlisted into 7 possible outcomes, which will determine the fate of this comedian actor, who can be said to be rose to power by chance, to face his fate and perhaps the fate of the country that he leads.

Here are the possible 7 scenarios:


The first scenario:

He might be assassinated or get killed during the war, as Zelensky might be killed in any sort of way during the war.


The Second scenario:

A candidate for the presidency in 2024… the US President Joe Biden’s sudden visit to Ukraine on the occasion of the first anniversary of the start of the war, and the closed meeting he had with Zelensky, imply an assertion that the latter’s political fate is linked to success in ending the Russian-Ukrainian war according to his terms.

So, Zelensky’s fate depends entirely on the outcome of the war between his country and Russia, and that he may find himself out of power if he signs a peace treaty that gives up lands in southeastern Ukraine.

In Ukraine, or what’s left of it will have two possible successors for Zelensky, as the former President Petro Poroshenko or Vitali Klitschko the current mayor of Kiev in the upcoming elections.

And Ukraine might become an EU country and NATO member of under its protection.

The developments of the war necessitated holding presidential elections in Ukraine next year, and Zelensky would run for second term.


The Third scenario:

Some are trying to resemble Vlodomir Zelensky to the French president Emmanuel Macron.

Since the starting of the War, the west has paid and invested a lot to keep Zelensky in power, which confirm that he won’t go anywhere as the west is want him to remain.

So, Zelensky could become one of the most influential politicians in Europe, like French President Macron, if he managed to restore the Ukrainian territories controlled by Russia.


The Fourth scenario:

Head of state of any sort, but in exile, and that is Russia manages to achieve its military objectives, which it announced at the very beginning, as the fate that awaits Zelensky will be similar to the Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who is in exile in the Republic of Lithuania.


The Fifth scenario:

Immigration to another country to seek refuge, as in case of total Russian victory, in any scenario will force Zelensky to flee, as he won’t commit suicide like Hitler!

If he remains alive, regardless of the outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Zelensky could seek refuge in another countries such as Canada or Israel after the end of the war.


The Sixth scenario:

Zelensky face judiciary at home, in case of internal coup or sort of revolution against his authority, Zelensky may appear before the courts if he’s accused of being responsible for some of the abuses committed throughout Ukraine during the Russian war, which could end his political career.


The Seventh scenario:

Zelensky face Russian judiciary, as Zelensky get caught by Russia or a pro-Russian authority and put on trial.

According to Russia, Zelensky was involved to several charges according to Russian criminal law.

So, in many major criminal cases that entail harsh sentences if the person is convicted.

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