Natural gas supplies continued to choke in the United States after gas fields and pipelines froze, due to the strong frost wave that hit large areas of the country.

According to estimates by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Service, the production of natural gas used for heating and electricity generation in the United States, Monday, reached 90 billion cubic feet, down by about 10% from normal rates for this time of year.

On December 24, US production of natural gas declined to 84.2 billion cubic feet, and the situation improved slightly yesterday, while electricity companies in most regions of the United States called on customers to rationalize energy consumption so that power outages don’t occur.

At the same time, temperatures in Midland, Texas, a major natural gas producing region in the United States, rose this afternoon to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius), while temperatures will continue to be below zero in the northeast until at least tomorrow.

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