The Israeli Maariv newspaper reported on Friday, that there is a state of anxiety among Israeli officials following the classification of the Palestinian administration by the US administration as a “state” and its inclusion in the list of countries where the criteria for managing money are examined, like any other country in the world.

According to the newspaper, the mere emergence of power, whether by defining it as a state or government, among other countries on the list sets a precedent and a state of anxiety in Israel, considering what is happening as an intensification of the anti-Israeli rhetoric, on the eve of the approaching date of the annexation process that the US administration seems to be retracting.

According to the newspaper, this list is updated and published in the United States every year according to the request of Congress, and includes a classification of transparency in the management of financial affairs for 141 countries in the world receiving assistance from the United States.

This coincides with the growing opposition language to annexation in Europe, as European Union Foreign Minister Joseph Burrell renewed in a speech to the European Parliament from any unilateral move to annex occupied Palestinian lands.

Burrell emphasized that this would be a serious violation of international law and would have major implications for relations between the Federation and Israel.

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