It is the beginning of the upcoming war, with the Syrian north is on the verge of inferno…

The Syrian army bombed a Turkish military post with information about casualties, where helicopters were seen carrying the wounded.

On the other hand, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units expected the death of the Turkish army in Afrin, as the units of the pro-Turkey Syrian opposition groups began to advance to areas in Tel Rifat in the western Aleppo countryside.

The Syrian north is witnessing an escalation and rapid developments in what appears to be Turkey’s direct entry into the escalation line by the introduction of its militias directly into what is known as the Euphrates Shield in battle.

The Syrian army bombed a Turkish security spot in the northern Hama countryside, causing injuries to the Turkish army.

Syrian missiles also landed on soldiers from the Turkish army who were present at the Turkish observation point in the Shir Maghar area of northern countryside of Hama, with reports of Turkish soldiers being hit directly in the development, the first of its kind since Turkey intervened in the Syrian field.

Ankara accused the Syrian army of shelling targeted a site near the observation point of the Turkish army in the province of Idlib, and the agency Turkish Anadolu official news agency said the Syrian strike hit a site near the observation point 10 of the Turkish army, to follow up the progress of the cease-fire south of Idlib province.

The agency also pointed out that the strike was carried out by artillery, and resulted in the destruction of security reinforcements around the observation point, adding that three helicopters landed at the scene after the incident.

Local sources reported that two shells fell inside the

Turkish observation point, while the third fell outside the cement blocks surrounding the point, and sources pointed to the transfer of Turkish helicopters a number of wounded, conflicting reports about the number.

In the wake of these developments, Turkeys militias tried to advance on the positions of the Syrian army in the northern countryside of Aleppo, specifically to the villages of Mar’naz, Malikya and Shuwarga, under cover of the Turkish bombardment, but these forces immediately retreated and the attack failed after the Syrian army repulsed the attempt to progress after causing casualties In their ranks.

In the course of the past 24 hours, the Kurdish People’s Protection Forces attacked a Turkish position with a missile fired from the Tel Rifaat area north of Aleppo, killing four Turkish soldiers and injuring two others.

While the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the death of a Turkish officer and wounding another, as a result of an attack by Kurdish people’s protection units in the northern region of Afrin.

The ministry also said in a statement that a Turkish officer was killed and another was seriously wounded in an attack by gunmen of the People’s Protection Units from the Tal Rifat area on the olive grove area, referring to a military operation by the Turkish army against Kurdish fighters in the region.

Syrian and Russian warplanes continue to raid the positions of the military factions in Idlib, northern Hama, Aleppo and Lattakia, with Syrian military forces continuing to arrive in the area, which is seems to be a warning sign of the long waited imminent battle.

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