Telegraph: The SDF conclude secret prisoner exchange deals with ISIS that allows the released fighters to fight again

The British Daily Telegraph published a report by theirs middle east correspondent Josie Ensor.

Ensor reported that, the US backed SDF are concluding secret prisoners exchange deal with ISIS, saying that deals with the terrorist organization allow the released prisoners/fighters to return to the battlefields.

Josie says «Britain’s allies» in Syria have released European militants of the Islamic state and allowed them to return to their organization under secret deals to exchange prisoners.

There are growing fears that these released prisoners may return to Europe.

Western countries have refused to take responsibility for dozens of European fighters held by Syrian democratic forces, which say they have no means of indefinitely holding Islamic state elements.

The SDF, according to the newspaper, the signed deals with the terrorist organization of the so called Islamic state to exchange prisoners between them.

The first deal was carried out in February and included 200 members of the Islamic state organization who were sent by buses to the Islamic state-run areas of Deir Al-Zour from a detention center run by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In April, 15 fighters with 40 women and children from Morocco, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, most of whom were sent to the Islamic state controlled areas, were exchanged against their will, according to a tribal leader who mediated between the organization and the so-called Kurdish-led forces.

The organization released a similar number of Syrian Democratic Forces fighters.

Predictably, the reason for the recent increase in attacks lunched from the left controlled pocket at the Syrian government control areas in the desert due to the return of a number ISIS fighters released by the Syrian Democratic Forces during these prisoner exchanges, most likely to be done with the knowledge of the Americans.

Adding to that case, there are unknown number of ISIS fighters whom been evacuated from the areas of Yarmouk camp at the Syrian capital, in a deal with the Syrian government in order to empty the entire Syrian capital Damascus areas from all militants, also those who left went to their remaining pocket in the desert with the emergence of a new ISIS pocket at the Syrian province of Al Swaida.

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