Tehran announced its largest intelligence operation… Managed to obtain unprecedented information


The Iranian Ministry of Security issued a statement announcing that it had obtained “unique and unprecedented information” revealing the presence of spies affiliated with the Israeli Mossad in 28 countries.

The Ministry confirmed that it had succeeded in the largest complex intelligence operation against Israeli spy and security services.

The Iranian Ministry of Security stated that it had “obtained sensitive information from the Zionist enemy’s services,” and indicated that these achievements come within the framework of a series of intelligence, offensive and defensive work.

The statement confirmed that “obtaining special information related to some military installations, weapons factories, and strategic civilian industries of the Zionist entity is another achievement in a series of large operations carried out by the ministry”.

The statement stressed “the importance of protecting the details of the information obtained, especially with regard to the human factors involved in this project inside and outside the occupied territories”.

The statement confirmed that there are useful results in informational and operational exploitation that represent a decisive addition to making decisions based on the available information.

It’s noteworthy that the previous day, the Iranian authorities executed the death sentence against four individuals belonging to a cell affiliated with the Mossad, on charges of involvement in the bombing of the city of Isfahan last year.

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