Syrian tribes conference announced the formation of popular resistance forces clan to expel American, Turkish and French forces from Syria

adhering to the unity of the Syrian Arab Republic and its elected president

Syrian tribes held a tribal conference in the region of Deir Hafer east of Aleppo, which was held with the participation of 70 tribes under the title «Syrian tribes against foreign and American intervention inside Syria» emphasizing several points, most important of which is adherence to the unity of the Syrian state and its elected president Bashar Al Assad.

Sheikh Qusay Al Wais, the sheikh of the Syrian tribe of Al Waysat, said that the timing of the Syrian clans’ meeting held on Saturday in the countryside of Aleppo comes under critical conditions that the country is living in as foreign military intervention continues without the approval of the Syrian government.

The Syrian tribes’ statement stated.

We, the tribal elders and the Syrian clans, are grateful for the lives of the martyrs of the country, both civilians and military personnel, and we extend condolences to their families and call upon all the wounded and the injured to recover quickly.

The sheikhs of tribes and clans agreed on the following points:

1.To adhere to and preserve the unified Syrian state of land and people within its internationally recognized borders and to consider the Syrian flag adopted on 22 February 1958 as the sole flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.

2.The Syrian people in all its components and sects are the only one authorized to formulate the constitution of his country and he alone has the right to approve it.

3.To adhere to the President of the Syrian state elected by the people and to be the only legitimate president of the country, because its survival is a guarantee for the survival of the Syrian state unified and thwart the projects of division and those who want to change it through the ballot boxes only.

4.Refusing any presence or entry of military forces from any country was to the Syrian territory without the consent of the Syrian state and coordination with it and we will consider it a hostile state and we will address by all available means, to all who pleases our land, even a little.

5.We are very pleased to bleed for our Syrian people the news of the formation of the popular tribal resistance units relying on God and our people to expel the invaders occupiers of America, Turks and Frenchmen who have desecrated the precious land of the country, under the pretext of combating terrorism and protecting the Syrian people.

6.We declare to the sons of our noble Syrian nation that the tribal resistance units are a true reserve for our heroic army.

7.We call upon this great people to provide assistance in accordance with their capabilities to participate in defending our land and confronting any strange presence on our land. Syria and its national sovereignty, aims to destabilize its security and stability.

On this occasion, the intruders and occupiers will know that Syria has been and will remain a bulwark against the enemies who seek to divide it, divide it and divide it. Syria is sacred to its land, sea and skies.

In this sense, we express our astonishment at the positions of some Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and others, which have shown their response to the Americans by sending Arab troops and mercenaries to replace the Americans, Who felt bitter and the cost of continuing their presence on Syrian soil.

Therefore, the tribal resistance units wait impatiently and warmer than the hour of entry of such mercenaries to our land to teach them with their governments the conspiracy and the practical lesson that will not forget it and history will record it.

8.The tribes and clans together condemn and condemn in the strongest terms the Kurds prevented the delegation of the province of Hasakeh to come and participate in this conference and the immoral behavior they exercised on them, we consider that this is a great insult to the Syrian tribes and tribes and the Syrian people…

We say to them that you’re Syrian citizens and brothers, so be merciful to our Kurdish brothers, and stand against the aggressors attempts of not use you as a fuel to carry out their greed and colonial projects in the region.

Don’t plant the seeds of evil, but plant the seeds of good.

You have only Syria, the united homeland, for which we have lived for centuries.

Who have sold you yesterday in Afrin, have no moral impediment to being sold again because what has been known throughout history has no moral obligation with any party except in his personal interest.

In the end, we congratulate our honorable people on the liberation by our hero army for the points that were controlled by terrorism in the countryside of Damascus, Hama and Homs.

We promise our people to remain loyal to this army, which is still and will continue to be the most beautiful epics and heroism to be recorded in history, raising the banner of national unity and adhering to it.

Worth mentioning that, Kurdish people’s protection units tried to block the conference; by arresting 58 social figures, including tribal sheikhs and tribal leaders, during their journey from Hasakeh to Aleppo for the participation in the conference, which includes representatives of Arab tribes in Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Al Zour and Hasakeh.

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