Leaked documents revealed huge economic plans for Tehran in Syria, in the field of oil, gas and energy, including building a refinery on the shores of the Mediterranean and relying on Iranian oil exported to Syria through the port of Baniyas.

A Syrian opposition “Syria TV website” said that it had obtained exclusive documents, and the first document issued by the report of a group mission from the Parsian Oil and Gas Company and Sata (the Social Security Organization of the Iranian Armed Forces), after coming to Syria in 2019, to investigate the security situation and investment conditions in the oil and gas industries.

According to the document, Mahmoud Ebrahimzadeh, the former head of SATA company, arrived in Syria with a delegation consisting of 9 people from the directors and experts of the Parsian Oil and Gas Group, and that the purpose of the mission is to hold meetings with various ministries as well as some businessmen in Syria in order to study the business environment and possible ways of cooperation.

The document also confirms holding meetings with the Syrian ministries of oil, industry, economy and water, the governor of Damascus, and two prominent businessmen, and shows the delegation’s visit to two oil and gas refineries in Syria.

The document shows that there are different needs in the refinery, petrochemical, energy, electricity, water and housing industries, which creates high potential for work and investment in Syria.

The document warned at the time that large and long-term investments involve great risks, but they can be considered strategic.

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