The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al Mekdad confirmed the presence of contacts from European countries regarding the reopening of embassies in Damascus, pointing to meetings in Syria and abroad in this regard.

Al Mekdad pointed out that Damascus is confident of these talks with the Europeans “so that the conditions for normalization of relations with European countries will be in a more positive and easy situation”.

He welcomed the efforts made by some Arab countries, which are now being made to return Damascus to the League of Arab States, stressing the need to correct the situation in the university “because no joint Arab action can succeed only in the presence of Syria”.

Regarding northern Syria, Al Mekdad stressed his country’s aspiration to implement the Sochi Agreement in Idlib and that Turkey would implement its promises in this regard.

Al Mekdad described the US announcement to start withdrawing its forces from Syria as “verbal manipulation”, stressing that it should eventually withdraw.

On the other hand, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al Mekdad said that his government had “made contact with the Kurds” in the light of the Turkish intervention, “noting that there is no unavoidable dialogue with the Kurdish factions.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Mekdad expressed his optimism about negotiations with the Kurds, who are seeking an agreement with the Syrian government as part of efforts to counter the new Turkish military campaign against their northern Syrian regions.

However, he pointed out that “previous experiences” with the Kurds were not “encouraging”, but he welcomed the recent statements by the Kurdish forces, which confirmed that they are part of Syria and that the conditions have become favorable to return to the embrace of the Syrian state.

“I am always optimistic, we encourage these political groups to be sincere in the dialogue that is now taking place between the Syrian state and these groups, bearing in mind that there is no alternative”, he said.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister also expressed his conviction that the foreign forces will soon be leaving the country.

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