According to media reports, clashes in Tal Tamr countryside in Hasakah countryside east of the Euphrates have stopped, while the Syrian army is reported to be deployed in the town of Tal Tamr and on the international road “M4” between Hasakah and Aleppo in parallel with the withdrawal of armed factions and “SDF”.

Syrian official news agency SANA reported on Friday that the Syrian army was battling with Turkish forces and factions in the village of Al Manakh in the northeastern countryside of Tal Tamr, northwest of Hasakah.

The agency pointed out that, the clashes later expanded to include heavy weapons, especially artillery weapon with a noticeable advance of the army units towards the fortifications of the Turkish occupation forces and terrorist groups on the outskirts of the village in parallel with the intensification of the Turkish occupation forces bombarded with artillery gunships residential buildings in several villages in Tal Tamr countryside.

While the sites stated that the fighting ended with an agreement including the deployment of the Syrian army and the withdrawal of armed factions and “SDF” factions from Tal Tamr and the international road M4, according to them: “The agreement provides for the withdrawal of pro-Turkish factions from some villages to the last limit of Ras Al Ain, as well as withdrawal from the road International M4, and the deployment of the Syrian army in those areas.

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