Switzerland decided to eases sanctions on Syria to help humanitarian organizations aid the affected by the earthquake


The Swiss government announced on Friday, Easing of the sanctions imposed on Syria since 2011, with the aim of supporting the work of humanitarian organizations that provide assistance to the population affected by the earthquake.

In its decree, the Swiss government announced that as of March 3, 2023, the Federal Council will temporarily ease the sanctions imposed on Syria, as this step aims to facilitate the establishment of commercial contacts, necessary for the work of humanitarian organizations in Syria”.

Berne indicated that the government decree on sanctions against Syria prohibits the provision of assets or economic resources to persons and organizations subject to sanctions.

Through the decree, the Swiss authorities can grant humanitarian organizations working in Syria to bypass these rules when conducting financial transactions necessary to provide support to the civilian population.

According to the issued decision, “the Swiss Federal Council expands humanitarian exemptions to facilitate humanitarian activities in Syria, and in this regard, to respond to the consequences of the earthquake that occurred in February 6th 2023”.

Thus, the provision of assets to sanctioned persons and organizations is permitted.

Meanwhile, for entities that don’t receive funds from Switzerland, an exclusive authorization regime is provided for the provision of economic resources”.

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