Second place behind China… Syria is the second largest importer of Iranian oil


Syria has ranked second, after China, among the countries that import the most Iranian oil, according to data from the “UANI” organization, which indicated that the United Arab Emirates is the third largest buyer of oil from Iran.

UANI defines itself as a non-profit organization that monitors the actions of the Iranian government and develops programs to ensure its economic and diplomatic isolation.

UANI issued a report on Tuesday, sated that Syria imported around 31 million barrels of oil (30,973,819) from Iran in 2022, compared to 28,558,921 barrels in 2021.

Iran supplied Syria with oil of 118,751 barrels, last October, and in November, 57,464 barrels.

Last month, December 2022, Iran Supplied Syria with 102,682 barrels.

Syria has depended mainly during the years of the conflict that teardown the country, on oil supplies from Iran.

However, these supplies have decreased dramatically about two months ago, according to what was announced by the Syrian media, claiming that this is due to the tightening of US sanctions.

Recently several oil tankers have arrived and unloaded their cargo at the Syrian Baniyas oil refinery, according to the ship movement observatories.

However, this didn’t reduce the fuel shortage crisis, as citizens find it difficult to provide gasoline, diesel fuel and other oil derivatives, in addition to its impact on the electricity sector through increasing rationing hours.

This also resulted in a paralysis of transportation and communications.

On December 25, 2022, the Iranian Cultural Chancellery in Syria promised an end to the oil derivatives crisis, with the arrival of a new oil tanker.

Sources in Syria said that oil derivatives could be available on the 2nd half of January 2023.

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