The former US intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, stated that Western countries have lost hope in the success of the counterattack and want to minimize the results of Russia’s victory in Ukraine.

In his interview with Russian Sputnik agency, Ritter said, “A new reality has emerged in the West, where everyone has realized that they cannot achieve their goals and objectives in Ukraine, and now they face a dilemma about how to mitigate the consequences of inevitable defeat”.

According to him, if the conflict stopped now, it’s possible to roughly imagine what Ukraine’s borders would be like; Otherwise, the question of the existence of this state within its current borders will remain up in the air.

He noted that NATO underestimated Russia’s strength when they were preparing a counterattack by the Ukrainian armed forces.

He said: “They considered it weak, but it was the good defense, discipline and dedication of the Russian soldiers that led to the coalition members falling from the sky”.

He added: “The Russians turned out to be very good, and this fact thwarted NATO’s maneuver”.

Earlier, Scott Ritter said that during the counteroffensive the Ukrainian Armed Forces exhausted all their reserves of trained personnel, without which they would not be able to continue combat operations.

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