Reports said that Saudi government officials had informed Syrian dissidents of removing flag of the Syrian opposition from all Saudi territory and raising the flag of the Syrian state instead or else they will be hold under responsibility.

Social media activists circulated news social that saying, Saudi Arabia had informed Syrian dissidents of removing Syrian opposition flag from all Saudi territory, and demanded to be replaced with flag of the Syrian state and vowed to hold violators accountable.

However, there are no further details of the news so far.

Meanwhile this news if it was correct it will be part of the latest developments in the Arab world, with the resumption of contacts between the Arab countries and the Damascus with activates on the ground along with Arab countries initiatives to reach out to Damascus to open a new chapter in Arab relations with the Syrian government, ending the boycott and reopening of the embassies of the Arab countries in Damascus and the return of normal relations and joining the rebuilding process, after long eight years war in the county.

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