At the framework of European, concerns were rose about the recently growing Russian military capabilities, especially nuclear missiles and submarines.

Reports from Moscow says, that Russia is seeking to develop a nuclear missile that can orbit for years around the globe at the edge of the atmosphere so that it is ready to strike any area within a few minutes, according to what was revealed by the head of British military intelligence, Jim Hockenhall.

Hawkenhall warning of the magnitude of the risks that such a missile may pose to Britain, as “Russia seeks to use military science to circumvent international agreements”. 

The missile in question is also hypersonic and enables Moscow to direct strikes from unexpected directions.

Hockenhall was talking about a Biorvestnik missile that NATO calls (Skyfall), adding that it is believed that the explosion that occurred in the Nyunuska region in northwestern Russia last year resulted from a defect in one of these missiles, which led to 7 people were killed and radiation levels in the area went crazy for 30 minutes.

The report adds that Hockenhol also warned against Russia’s work to develop submarines that operate without a crew inside and dive to great depths so that they can launch nuclear missiles on the coasts or cut off Internet cables.

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