Turkish officials are holding talks with Russian officials on the latest developments in Syria, where the Turkish delegation arrived in Moscow on Thursday.

The talks will be attended by officials from the foreign and defense ministries and the chief of staff of both countries to discuss the latest developments in Syria.

The two sides are expected to discuss the latest developments in Syria, especially developments in Idlib province, and the extent of implementation of the Sochi agreement.

During the talks, officials of the two countries will also discuss preparations for the upcoming tripartite summit in Russia on Syria between the presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran.

According to press reports, the Turkish-Russian talks are ambiguous, as talks are being held between Turkish military-security delegations in Moscow with his Russian counterparts to discuss joint steps in the northwestern province of Idlib.

Russian officials did not comment on the talks, which were widely believed to have been held behind closed doors.

Some of the information available on the talks is that Moscow is working with the Turkish side to create an atmosphere for launching a joint military operation in Idlib, which is almost entirely controlled by the so-called Sham Liberation Organization (formerly Al Nusra Front).

The situation in Moscow has been dominated by an atmosphere of anticipation, Friday amid full Russian secrecy on the visit of the Turkish delegation and talks in Moscow, Turkish sources said a delegation comprising representatives of the military and security institutions in Turkey arrived in Moscow on Thursday to discuss the situation on Idlib to hold talks Behind closed doors, while sources did not rule out that the file of the launch of a limited military operation in Idlib is dominating the discussions.

For her part, the Russian expert Lena Sobinina likely that the research has touched on «the launch of a limited and coordinated military operation between the Russian and Turkish sides» aimed at countering the expansion of the Front of victory in Idlib.

She pointed out that the launch of a joint military action is a must after «the arrival of all previous attempts to a dead end», in reference to the Russian-Turkish agreement on the establishment of a demilitarized zone around Idlib, and the withdrawal of the opposition factions and the delivery of all heavy weapons to the Turkish side, An agreement reached by Moscow and Ankara last September.

The Russian source, has been told reporters in Moscow that the Russian Foreign Ministry had indicated in closed meetings at last to go to a joint military operation with Turkey in Idlib, the source likely to be Moscow and Ankara are working to discuss the “military and technical details of the process” during the presence of the military security delegation in Moscow.

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