The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that negotiations with Turkey on the Libyan crisis will take place either this August or next September.

This came in a press conference held by Zakharova, on Thursday, through “video conference” technology in the ministry’s building.

It stated that they are in constant contact with the concerned parties to resolve the Libyan crisis through political means.

She emphasized that the outcomes of the Berlin Conference and UN Security Council Resolution 2510 should be a basis for collective action in Libya.

She added, “It is expected that the next negotiations on Libya will take place between the relevant Russian and Turkish institutions in the capital, Moscow, between August and September”.

On the other hand, Zakharova expressed her concern about the deterioration of public order in Belarus, following the protests that began after Alexander Lukashenko’s victory in the presidential elections, according to unconfirmed results.

And she added, “There are attempts to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state with the aim of dividing society and destabilizing it.

We have repeatedly seen similar methods used in other countries,” referring to pressures exerted by some foreign partners on the Belarusian administration.

The Russian official urged all parties to show wisdom, expressing her hope that the situation would soon improve.

Regarding the company “Wagner”, whose 33 members were arrested in the capital, Minsk, she indicated that the relevant institutions in Russia and Belarus are in constant contact in this regard.

Protests erupted in Belarus after the Central Elections Commission announced, according to an unconfirmed result, that President Alexander Lukashenko had won a new term, after receiving 80 percent of the vote in Sunday’s elections.

After the announcement, demonstrators took to the streets, claiming that “the elections were carried out in a fraudulent manner”.

Lukashenko has held the presidency of the country since 1994, and has been elected 5 times since that date, and in the last presidential elections in 2015, he won 83.49 percent of the vote.

On Wednesday, the Belarusian security forces arrested 33 mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Company.

The Belarusian “Belta” news agency, citing security sources, reported that the country’s intelligence had received information about the entry of more than 200 Wagner elements to Belarus to destabilize during the propaganda campaign for the presidential elections to be held on August 9th.

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