Russian Sputnik Agency, said that the massive of substance abuse rampant overtly apparent in Syria.

The agency stressed that «the grinding war in the country, comprising the balance of the clock toll devastation new for young people, who destroyed most of them, their ambitions of study, practical and social degree first, but the losers on the family or the individual level are a lot, all of this was accompanied with automatic landing hobbyist economy with a lack of jobs and low wages and the consequent effects helped by a factor of depression and emptiness of youth inside.

Pressure accumulated and repressed many, it was the only way to escape for them and it is the hope of substance of them maybe it’ll be their escape or to be some temporary oblivion, as rampant in public and seen on what is before the outbreak of war».

«Syria is not considered a favorite place for the cultivation of narcotic substances, hashish first degree or a place for the manufacture of intoxicating substances so, it has always been one of the consuming countries and the transit countries, but as a result of the outbreak of chaos and war drugs trading of all kinds appeared publicly amid the apparent absence of hardware control and censorship ».

«Sputnik» continued that it has achieved this subject, after a series of searches, to talk directly with people who are youth and traders working at home, to know the truth about what happens and what the motives for this and what helped by widespread of substance to the public in the streets and within Syrian cafes and bars.

Firas, a young man in Damascus and who deal hashish, said to «Sputnik», «I do not know where to start, but simply as a young Syrian ambitions completely destroyed here, go out to work from early morning to last night, I no longer found anything able my to Forget my problems only cannabis, which is capable of its way to forget everything».
He adds his friend, Ali, «cannabis has become a cheap material compared with other materials, a smoke, a thousand pounds can enjoy, meet many smokers out within one room, economic and our case Like the majority of young people are very bad, and there is a young man of us only has the pressure makes him a tired psychologically and diverse condition, drugs became more our favorite things to escape and for satisfaction”.
However, Mudar a different opinion, saying, „In light of all these tragedies in which we live, we all want anything to us delighted and alter our mood and hashish is a plug-in that I saw is able to achieve me, we were in the past years, afraid of carrying hashish and such stuff in public, either now it is normal and not a “no want know or see or smelling what’s going» as his said.

the merchant seller of hashish Nicknamed «The Dealer» is between the central purchase and sellers, which is responsible for securing this work and Control was worth and how to sell it, and Stoic largest of any legal sanction.

The Agency spoke with a traders known as «Osama», to know the prices and ways to deal especially at this stage, explains, Osama said, «I work in this profession as I consider them a long time ago was the obsession and the only fear is a modular control and surveillance, but now it is hidden almost entirely, there has become a big demand on the substance between the center of young people fully and center”.
Complements the dealer, „away from censorship has become a substance abuse were common from contraband to locally manufactured here, and many of them are “whacked» comes the sense was of low quality, nor can many people to distinguish between low-grade and elevated him to 1500 SYP (3 USD) only able to get a good piece of hashish smoke for two or three days, but some of the material getting purchased based on its weights, and different prices starting from 1000 SYP (2 USD) up to hundreds of thousands depending on quality, the quality whether cannabis or drugs or pills for up to various kinds”.

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