The former Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani pointed out that his country was the prime player of the Syrian crisis, to turn them to Saudi Arabia and later trying to monopolize alone with its file.

Sheikh Hamad said in an interview with «Financial Times» the British newspaper which was carried with him a few days ago: «I will say something maybe I’m saying it the first time… When we began to engage in Syria in 2012, we had a green light for Qatar to lead because Saudi Arabia did not want at that time to lead. Later on, there was a change at Riyadh policy without telling us, which they want us at the back seat, and ended up that way by competing with each other and this was not healthy”
In regard to whether the same thing happened in Libya after killing of Gaddafi, When Qatar and the UAE supported two rival factions, Al-Thani said: „at the end there was a lot of chefs therefore we spoiled the cocking.“

Former Prime Minister of Qatar, admitted that the Iranians are smarter than the Arabs, saying,»I admit one thing, which is that the Iranians are smarter and more patient than us, they are the best negotiators.” He said. «Look how many years it had negotiated with world powers. Do you think that the Arab countries can negotiate for such duration?”

It been asked about the interviews conducted by the American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg with US President Barack Obama and published in „Atlantic“ magazine under the heading „Obama doctrine“ series, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim urged everyone to thank Obama, adding: „Frankly, I’m also frustrated not blame him, Arabs, we did not show that we can count on an ally, it must be to have an excellent relationship with Washington, but the United States will come to the region as in the past.”

However Bin Jassim did not say that others do not share their regret, he said: “There has never been a balance in US-Gulf relations. Over the past 30 years, the Gulf region has been controlled by the oil prices for the West, what we won in return.»
He added: «When oil prices were to fall much they say you better be control the price. When they start screaming up and they call us cartel (Monopoly Kings) They say you cannot do that.»

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