The retired Russian team, Sergey Chvarkov, said that Turkey came to Syria to stay there forever, and that it is now forming pro-government autonomous regions in the north and northwest of the country.

The general, who in 2016 occupied the position of head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, added: “At the present time, Turkey is intensively forming pro-Turkish autonomous regions in north and northwestern Syria, practically hinting that it has entered this country forever”.

In the opinion of the Russian officer, this in particular explains Turkey’s negative position regarding the implementation of the agreements reached in September 2018 with Russia regarding Idlib, the last major bastion of militants in Syria.

And Sergey Chvarkov added, “This is precisely the reason for the attacks launched by the Haya’at Tahrir al Sham on the Russian Hmeimim air base using drones and long-range rocket launchers”.

The general said, “It is known that only Turkey has missile launchers in the region with a range of more than 40 km, and these launchers (Turkish T-122 Sakarya), somehow reached the hands of the Haya’at Tahrir al Sham”.

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