Russia warns Britain over sending fighter jets to Ukraine


Russia issued a stern warning to Britain against supplying Ukraine with fighter jets.

The Russian embassy in the United Kingdom confirmed that London’s possible supply of British combat aircraft to Ukraine would have military and political consequences for the entire world.

The Russian embassy said in a statement on Wednesday: “We’d like to remind London officials that based on its conscience regarding this scenario of sending fighter jets, there will be a bloody consequences for the next round of escalation, as well as the military and political consequences for the European continent and the whole world”.

The Russian embassy added, “Russia has something to respond to any unfriendly steps from the British side”.

In addition, the French presidency announced that French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky will travel together from Paris to Brussels on Thursday morning to attend the summit of European Union heads of state and government.

Zelensky is making a surprise tour of Europe on his second trip abroad since the start of the Russian attack on February 2022, on Ukraine, after a visit to Washington last December.

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